Kenya Oncology Nurses Chapter

The name of the society shall be KENYA ONCOLOGY NURSES CHAPTER. 

Hereinafter referred to as THE CHAPTER.


To provide leadership in transforming the delivery of care to cancer patients in Kenya.


To empower nurses, patients, and families with requisite knowledge and skills to promote the highest standards of cancer care so as to improve outcomes.


  • To develop policies, procedures, standards and position papers on cancer nursing that can be adopted and implemented institutions where cancer patients are cared for.
  • To facilitate cancer nursing certification and establish, implement and maintain standards for cancer nurses.
  • To work collaboratively with other stakeholders including the Nursing Council and the ministry of health (MOH) towards the improvement of cancer care.
  • To be the resource for oncology nursing practice, professionalism, education, research, and leadership.
  • To identify human and material resources for training both nurses and the public.
  • To identify and recognize individuals and institutions that demonstrate excellence in ONCOLOGY nursing.
  • To identify and disseminate information on key trends affecting and pertinent to cancer nursing
  • To serve as an advocate for the public and develop solid public cancer prevention education campaigns.
  • Be a forum for communication and information sharing for nurses with or involved in cancer care.
  • Provide support to nurses working in rural areas by providing them with regular updates on trends in cancer nursing.
  • To work with families and individuals in developing patient support groups and patient education materials.
  • Be a link between nurses in Kenya and international organizations involved in cancer care.
  • To affirm the Nursing Council of Kenya’s code of ethics for nurses.