About Chapters


A chapter is a nursing sub-specialty that is recognized and practised in Kenya. The National Executive Council shall approve formation of a chapter under the auspices of the association subject to the stipulated criteria.

Specialty chapters

The National Nurses Association of Kenya has enacted and supported various chapters that bring together members of a given specialty with the view of reinforcing evidence-based practices within those specialties as well as providing an opportunity for the members to be acquainted with new scientifically proven practices in their fields. The specialties also provide a unique forum for the members to share experiences and challenges within their lines of specialization thus enabling them to pursue a professionally unifying approach in addressing these issues without contravening the universally accepted and scientifically proven standards.

  • Ophthalmic Chapter
  • Critical Care Nurses Chapter
  • Midwifery and Reproductive Health Chapter
  • Mental health Chapter
  • Community Health Chapter
  • ┬áPeri-operative Nurses Chapter
  • ┬áDisaster and Emergency Chapter
  • ┬áPediatric Nurses Chapter
  • Registered Nurse Anaesthetists Chapter
  • Oncology Nurses Chapter
  • Eastern Central Southern African College of Nursing (ECSACON)
  • Infection Control Nurses Chapter
  • Leadership for Change (LFC) Chapter
  • Private Nurse Practitioners Chapter
  • Student Nurses Chapter
  • HIV/ AIDs Chapter
  • Nurse Executives Chapter
  • Nurse Educationists chapter

Membership to our chapters except ECSACON is free provided the applicant is a member of NNA-Kenya.